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Structured Settlement Funding News

The following two stories are inspired by real-life situations from customers' lives. They are examples of what occurs when people who are regularly receiving structured settlement payments seek to sell these payments for cash to a structured settlement funding company like J.G. Wentworth. Please note that these stories are for illustration purposes only.

Tom, a middle-age man in California, was receiving income every two years from a structured settlement agreement. However, when doctors told him he needed a heart transplant, he knew there was soon going to be a dramatic increase in medical expenses resulting from the procedure. In spite of already having health insurance, he knew he needed additional cash - and needed it in a hurry.

Tom realized that his structured settlement payments were an asset he could use. He contacted a structured settlement payments buyer like J.G. Wentworth and discussed selling these regular payments in exchange for cash. Recognizing how much time was a factor in Tom's situation, the J.G. Wentworth representative got to work right away. He designed a program for Tom that helped him sell a portion of his structured settlement payments for cash. The good news for Tom was there was still money left over, meaning that he got both money up front and a portion of his structured settlement payments for the future.

Tom thanks J.G. Wentworth for both his new heart and new lease on life. They played a great role in helping him through his ordeal!

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The next story, also adapted for illustration purposes, comes from Scotty, in Little Rock Arkansas. Scotty was unfortunately injured as a little child, and his parents wanted to be sure that there would be money for his future medical expenses when he was older. They set up structured settlement payments with the insurance company and Scotty began to receive regular payments.

However, once Scotty turn 19, he realized he didn't really need those future payments. What he needed was cash now, not down the road. He was in school, had a job, and wanted to use that money to purchase a car.

Scotty contacted J.G. Wentworth, a structured settlement funding company. They bought the payments he was supposed to get at ages 21 and 24. He was able to buy that car, and didn't have to wait around to get his money. Now he is never late getting to class or work, and is deeply appreciative of what J.G. Wentworth did for him.

If you are receiving structured settlement payments, and are in a situation like Tom's or Scotty's, you may be able to arrange a structured settlement buyout to get the cash you need now.

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